Moirano Costruzioni Meccaniche (Moirano Mechanical Construcion) was born in 1985 in Lusignano d’Albenga, a village in the homonymous plain which is famous and renowned in Italy and worldwide for its floriculture.

Stefano Moirano had been directly experiencing in horticulture and floriculture for over twenty years and he was aware of the importance of optimizing the work time, the quality, the practicality and the easy of use of the machines of his own sector.

That is why he found his own company and started manufacturing equipments and machines designed to enhance the work of the flower-grower and the farmer.

Nowadays our company entirely produces all the machines which can be found in our catalog. Therefore our production is 100% ITALIAN and our customers can always count on our support, from counseling phase to implementation of the machines.

Among our nursery gardening equipment stands out the EK 3000 AT potting machine: it is completely mechanical, fast and easy of use, useful to fill in small pots and quick in filling vases and alveolar containers.

We proudly underline among our top products the pruning machine for potted plants. With its patent pruning system it is nowadays one of the quickest, efficient, compact and saving on the market (over 2400 flowerpots per hour, diameter 14). In our catalog you can find three models which can fit any potting need.

Very appreciated by the flower-growers are also the ribbons for transporting vases, innovative and with great value / price ratio, they are modular, light and available in 160 or 200 mm wide. Also the wrapping machines for reclosable cc trucks, which are convenient for moving the truck to a forklift truck or for storing it in the warehouse during the unused period, belong to our most appreciated products.

To meet the needs of the market we have successfully designed and successfully launched the horticultural line, which includes the basil size machine and the picking-size machine suitable for various cutting plants (rocket, parsley, mint, chives etc.). These machines feature a net cutting system, impeccable, innovative and long lasting blades, many small details that have decreed for MTBR MINI and MTBR PLUS a real success and the choice of many experienced operators in the field.

By combining our technical knowledge with the demands of the industry, we have obtained some of the best machines on the market, which perfectly match the cingulate pallet truck suitable for transporting bins and pallets. By applying the special low volume spraying machine, the machine itself turns in an excellent small tractor for phytosanitary treatment.

We did not leave out the needs of small businesses by conceiving a seed drill for SE 180P plant containers.